Spring Trends 2022

Spring is upon us and what fun trends we have currently and some new ones as well.  Floral and animal print seem to be a constant and here to stay.  Big bold flowers with mixed media and patterns.  Cheetah is a new neutral that can be mixed in with everyday basics.  As far as jewelry goes; pearls pearls pearls!!! Pearls on clothes, chains, earrings,  you name it and you can not go wrong!!  Hoop earrings and the bigger the better, however if you look at some on the Vogue fashion trends you should remember that fashion shows tend to "go big or go home", maybe not a big as the ones you will see there but ones you can comfortably wear and not feel as though your earlobe will drop several inches from wearing.  Chains are also a big theme currently, whether it's the new paperclip rage, classic link or chunky with stones or pearls dangling.  Chokers and I mean think chunky, like dog collar choker (again, keep in mind fashion trends start as way out there and scale down to normal everyday in our lives).  As always you should be comfortable in whatever you choose to wear and accessorize with.  Everyday we are a different person and that is why I love different styles for each day.  You are beautiful as you are,  jewelry is meant to compliment and not define you.