Baroque and Stone Bracelet
Natural stone stretch bracelet with baroque pearl accent
Tanzanite with Lemon Quartz
Tahitian Pearls with Diamond and Gold Accent
36" necklace
Saphire Necklaces
Top: sapphire with diamond accent Middle: pearls with sapphire accent Bottom: faceted sapphire with rose cut diamond center  
Salt Water Tahitian Pearls
60" necklace
Nepal Pendant and Natural Stone
Multi Color Sapphires with Gold Filled Accent
Mixed Pearl
36" necklace
Long Pearl Necklace with Stone Accent
Long Necklace with Stone Pendant
Long Coral with Pearls
Large Keshi with Pave Pearl
Coin Pearl with Mother of Pearl Drop
Carved Jade Pendant with Natural Stones
Blue Coral with Pearl Accent and Turkish Pendant
Bezel Necklace
36" necklace
Baby Baroque with Sapphire Spacers and Diamonds
48" necklace
Small Pearl Necklace with Tassel
Small baroque pearl necklace with pearl and tassel enhancer